A sixth sense

There are five senses, sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.  At least those are our senses.  What about animals, perhaps some of them have more senses.  Sixth, seventh and eighth senses.

The unicorn tapestries celebrate the five senses, I thought perhaps they could celebrate a sixth sense, that is the inspiration behind this postcard for my sister.unicorn and anntenea


Another postcard for a friend who had a particularly tough winter.survivor

Another Detroit Bus Tour

busMark and I took another Detroit Bus Tour this week!

Soldiers' and Sailors' monumentslady with shieldWe looked at monuments,

detail from Masonic Temple little guy from Masonic Templechecked out some architecture,

Pingree statuetalked about mayors,

Navin fieldand watched some of a pick-up game at the former Tiger Stadium.  (I still can’t believe the whole stadium fit in this field!)

Z deckWe parked in Z deck, with all its art.

Mark and busWe even got to stop at a bar for a drink, a good Sunday afternoon.