And the wall comes tunbling down…

It finally happened, they tore down the last wall of the building where the Daisy Air Guns were made.  I guess this is the time of year for it, soon the our TV’s will all be showing “A Christmas Story”, the movie that let generation know what a Red Ryder BB Gun was.

They’ve been trying to tear it down since ’08, I blogged about it here

And now that it has deteriorated for another six years there was, of course, no saving it.

You can see the demolition on the Patch website here.

It certainly had turned into an eyesore over the years, but it bothers me that promises were made, and history suffers.  Goodbye, Daisy.

Little felt vessel

felt vessel oneOnly Jan Waller could get me to take fleece and hot water in hand again to try to make felt.  She taught a group of us to make little vessels, and I just finished decorating mine.

felt vessel two

I’ve added stitching and beads, and I rather like the way it turned out.felt vessel three

The problem, of course, is what can you keep in a felt vessel with a narrow opening.  The only thing I’ve come up with so far are twigs.