Annual trip out east, part 3

last lookWe took a last look at the big city and headed for the country.

mark and mikeThis is Mark with his high school buddy, Mike.  Mike lives out in the country, by Ithaca, New York, and he has a wife, a couple of daughters, nine cats, three dogs and three horses.  We didn’t get to meet the horses, or see the older daughter who is married and on her own.  It’s actually kind of quiet for them now, they no longer have rats, lizards, hamsters, or bunnies.

cat identification chartThe cat identification chart before the last three cats were acquired.

kittyOne of the newer cats.

Annual trip out east, part 2

Once the radio show was over, Mark and I headed to his sister’s house, where we went to the dogs.

scott and dog

Brother-in-law Scott with Caesar.  mark and dog

Mark with Kirby.

mark and kristieMark and his sister Kristie.

Then on to New York City!mark in chelsea

Chelsea is our chosen section.

me and timOur friend Tim, looking just a tad more New York than I do.

shake shackWe always hit Shake Shack.

rock treeIn case you didn’t know where rocks come from, they fall out of trees in New York.

ceiling roachesTim has to do something about his cockroach problem, we found these on the bathroom ceiling.  Well, maybe they had something to do with me, I have been known to paint gold bugs on ceilings.