Where I stood, at Dally in the Alley

alley feetFeet in the alley

alleyFolks in the alley

LeslynThis is Leslyn.  We came with Ron and Leslyn.  You ever going some place fun, take Ron and Leslyn, they know how to hang.

Mona LainieWe ran into Elaine, looking very formal.

not a girl bandWe saw one angry band (perhaps because they were forced to wear women’s clothing),

real girl bandand one happy band (who seemed to like wearing women’s clothing, maybe ‘cuz they’re women.).

sign with faceThere were signs

lifeof life,

sandaland cool sandals.

Where I stood, checking out a house

feet hole in deckMark and I checked out a house the other day.  This is one of the holes in the back deck.

step feetThese are the stairs in the house.

mirrors above bedThis is the best part, the mirrors above the water bed frame, and the pass through windows to the dining room and living room, I guess so folks can watch.

open bathroomThe bathroom upstairs has an open feel, on account of the lack of walls.

basement toiletThat open feeling carries down to the bathroom in the basement.  I didn’t get a photo of the bathroom on the main floor that has a door wall in it.

doorPerhaps we should have been tipped off by the difficulty we had getting in the place.  I think we’re not going to bid on this one.