Where I stood, havin’ a party!

firepit feetHere I stand by the fire pit that was a roaring fire last night.

set upBetween this

clean upand this, we had a great party.  I didn’t take many pictures, I was too busy having fun.

bandThe band played,

party peopleand people partied.  In fact, it got so wild the cops had to come break things up.  Ya like that, the cops had to come!  OK, maybe not the melee that implies, but the cops did come.  The band was still playing, loudly, at 11:30, which is quite late for a sleepy town like Plymouth, and two of Plymouth’s finest sauntered up the alley to let the band know it was time to stop.

Everyone had fun, especially all the party crashers that showed up.  I live in a great neighborhood.  I woke up this morning to find most the stuff cleaned up, I suspect Tony.  Thanks, Tony!

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