Myths and Legends, part two

myths and legends, gryphonThe Gryphon is the legendary king of the creatures.  He is part lion and part eagle.  The Gryphon is often used in heraldry signifying strength and intelligence.

myths and legends, minotaurThe Minotaur is a creature from Greek mythology that is half man and half bull.  He is at the center of the labyrinth.  The Minotaur is the son of Pasephae, who fell in love with a bull.  Do you know any men who are half bull?

myths and legends, phoenixThe Phoenix is a lovely bird of Greek mythology.  He may have his beginnings in ancient Egypt.  The Phoenix is a symbol of renewal, for the Phoenix is reborn, arising from his own ashes.  Next time you  feel your life is in ashes, remember the Phoenix.

myths and legends, krakenThe Kraken is a fictional sea monster of Icelandic legend, perhaps based on sightings of the giant squid.  Happy swimming!

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