Myths and Legends, part one

myths and legends, hydraThe Hydra is a water beast, a many headed serpent, from Greek mythology.  Be very careful.  Don’t get in a fight with Hydra, for every time you cut off a head, two grow back!

myths and legends, centaurThe Centaur is a mythical creature composed of horse and man.  The idea may first have come from seeing a man riding a horse.  Centaurs are wild, untamed creatures.

myths and legends, unicornThe fabled Unicorn is a horned animal symbolizing purity and grace.  Only a pure virgin could catch a Unicorn.  You’d think there would be more Unicorns around today.

myths and legends, sirenSirens originated in Greek mythology, dangerous femme fatales luring sailors to their deaths through song.  Helen called them “winged maidens, daughters of the earth.”  Pass the bee’s wax.



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