A new game

When visiting some friends, we played Life, you know, the old board game.  We wondered what to do after life.  I got to thinking about it, and I decided we should play Afterlife.  I made them the game and sent it to them.

Afterlife game boardI painted the board with different places to spend your afterlife.

Afterlife starsI made stars to use in place of money.  You collect stars throughout the game.

Afterlife cardsThese are the cards that let you know if you get stars or not.

Afterlife ghostsAnd these are the playing pieces, little ghosts made from electronic tubes.



The Lord of La Mancha

picasso and bike badge

I have a friend who wanted a likeness of Picasso’s Don Quixote painted on his bike badge.  Fortunately, he didn’t want Sancho on the badge, the badge is really small.  I hand painted Don, his horse Rocinante, and a larger windmill on it.  Now Scott can tilt at windmills.



Now that I’ve given it to him, perhaps the song will quit running through my head.


Painting houses

That’s what I’ve been up to.  Steve, our painter, Mark, and I have been painting.  Mostly Steve and Mark, but I’ve done some, and this is the result:

houseThe gingerbread is in bad shape, and way too expensive to replace right now, but the rest of the house looks good.  I really like the colors we chose.