Yard sales!

Yes, folks, it is yard and garage sale season again!  Old Village (Plymouth) is having a neighborhood wide sale Saturday, April 27th.  Come peruse the neighborhood.  Start at Station 885, if you can, there will be trunk sales in the lower parking lot and they’ll have maps of all the good houses.

Some of my best stuff was found at yard sales.  You never know when you will find that little piece that sparks a great idea.  If it turns out it’s not the right thing, well, you haven’t spent a lot of money on it.  Check us out, the weather will be fine and the pickins will be amazing!

My new sewing machine

sewing machine 002This is my new baby.  I finally decided I deserved a machine that actually sews.  I’ve just tried it out and I am delighted!  She ain’t fancy, but I don’t want fancy.  I want well built, and I think I scored.

sewing machine 006This old guy has served me for about 40 years.  She doesn’t want to keep a good tension, and her feed dog is tired.  It’s time to move on.