In praise of food

The other day I made myself a lovely baked pasta, and yesterday I made a chick pea and eggplant casserole.  One of the nicest things about being human is all the different kinds of food we get to eat.  Food is a great reason to get together with friends, a great gift to show someone how you feel, and often a wonderful comfort when you’re looking for some solace.  I’ve been thinking about food recently.   

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  1. Wow — I was admiring these postcards just last night and thinking how lucky the recipients must feel.

    Then today I was sorting the stack of mail for the recycle bin and OUT DROPPED THE CAT AND FISH!

    Sometimes I get substitute postal delivery guys and they stick postcards (ad postcards, too) deep into my newspaper, inside the slick flyers and crap.

    I DO feel lucky — I am so glad this lovely postcard escaped!

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