Where I stood, among the artist finger puppets

Many years ago, my sister gave me a set of  little artist finger puppets.  There are four of them, Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Gustav Klimt and Diego Rivera.  They have magnets in their heads, so you can park them on the refrigerator.   Recently, my cat Harmony has discovered them.  She is in love with Diego Rivera.  Every morning, I find him someplace new.  Sometimes she brings Frida Kahlo along, this time she brought Gustav Klimt.  Sometimes I find two puppets, sometimes one, but I always find Diego.  Mark caught Harmony taking the finger puppet off the refrigerator once, so we know it is her, but we don’t ever see her play with him.  She just makes sure we find Mr. Rivera lying around in the morning.   I’m thinking of taking Harmony to the Detroit Institute of Arts so she can hang out in the Rivera Court and see Diego’s wonderful work.  She is a cat of refinement and taste.

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