Where I stood, resting after a long day

Today I am hanging out by the fireplace, keeping warm and resting.  I earned it, yesterday was an antique radio swap meet.

This is the meet in full swing.  It’s no longer just radios.

It has become a vintage electronic meet, so you can find all sorts of vintage things.  I didn’t get much time to take pictures, but I did get to snap a few.

I managed to get photos of a couple of good friends.  This is Mike Dale.  Mike is jealous of my blue hair and needs to find an appropriate hat to compete.  I think he did a fine job this time.

This is Angela Shackleford.  She is a blast, if you’ve a few minutes, find Angela.  She’s funny and delightful.

And of course, Mark.  I don’t really get to talk to him during the meet, he’s very busy.  Here he is listening to someone explain what he needs to fix his radio.  Don’t tell Mark, but I really do enjoy these meets.  I’ve made many friends in the antique radio biz, And it’s always a delight to see them again!

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