Thankful, part three

21)   Sleep, and dreams.   What a bizarre idea.   Mind working frantically while body rejuvenates, what a strange way to rest.

22)   The cosmos.   They make us understand how small and unimportant we really are.

23)   Rocking chairs.   You can sit still and move at the same time.   They rock!

24)   Language.   It has it’s drawbacks, but it sure makes communication easier.

25)   Paint.     House paint, war paint, watercolor paint, all paint.   Let’s make it a different color.   All we need is a little paint.

26)   Rocks.     They are old, they know you’re not fooling anyone.

27)   Erasers.   I make a lot of mistakes.   I also like to carve them into stamps.

28)   Blue jeans.   What a great invention.

29)   Embroidery floss, beads.   Simple ways to make something prettier.

30)   The mail.   I love getting mail.   I love sending mail.   Still cheap.   Still works.

Thankful, part two

11)   Music.   All the live bands, but even more for all the record albums I listened to all my life.   How they helped me cope.

12)   The twelve days of Christmas.   Holidays.   A chance to celebrate.   Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year, Rosh Hashanah, Flag day, any holiday.   Let’s celebrate!

13)   Common sense.   Find it, and keep a little with you always.   It will see you through.

14)   Computers.   Technology.   Information that zips through the air.   Information that moves too fast for me.   Astounding.

15)   Color.   The reason we can’t see everything in black and white.   The reason we must look at things in different light, at different times, and from different sides.   Primary, secondary, especially tertiary, beautiful color.

16)   Height.   Whether it be a plane, a balloon, a mountain, or just a standing on a ladder, the ability to get above and look down at the world, or just a patch of floor, makes you just a tiny bit drunk with power.

17)   Mind altering substances.   Alcohol.   The wonderful way a glass of wine takes the edge off, smooths everything, and makes everything a little prettier.

18)   Turtles.   They are just cool.

19)   Different opinions.   The way everything is a unique experience, because no two people experience something the same way.   All the differences keep life exciting.

20)   Puzzles.   Something to figure out, and that wonderful feeling when you find you’ve got it!

Thankful, part one

I notice a lot of people making daily posts of the things they are grateful for throughout the month of November.   It does make sense, since here it is, Thanksgiving.   Well, November has 30 days, so I’ve come up with 30 things, and I’ll give them to you ten at a time.

1)   Great Love, and the one great love of my life.   It seems so usual and uninteresting to start with my significant other,   but I must.   Acceptance, support, humor, he’s the man of my dreams.

2)   Two balls of claws and fur, amazing little beings that share my abode.

3)   My creativity, mostly coming from my grandfather through my mother to me.   It makes life richer and a lot more fun.

4)   The four changing seasons, especially those beautiful springs and breathtaking falls.

5)   Five senses, including smell.   I am grateful for wafting incense.

6)   Books.   Billions and billions of books.

7)   The seven wonders of the world.   History.   All the things that have been made before my arrival on the planet.

8)   People.   My relatives.   My friends.   People to listen to, people to learn from, an ever growing circle of friends.

9)   Taste buds.   And a huge variety of food to pass over them.

10)   Sex.   What fun.

New rings

See that ring on top?   The one on my pinky?   I’ve had that ring for decades, my mom got it in Africa and gave it to me.   I have always loved it, and always wondered if I could make my own.   I finally sat down and looked at it good, and found some wire that would work, and I made the other two, the green and red one, and the turquoise one.   The skill level isn’t there yet, but I’m kinda proud of these.

A quilt auction!

This beautiful red and white striped quilt was made by our fiber group, Running With Scissors.     It could be yours!   The quilt is being auctioned on Ebay right now.   The auction ends November 22, so check it out and start bidding!

100% of the proceeds go to Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan, so not only would you be getting a beautiful quilt, but you’d also be helping a wonderful cause!