In our fiber group, Running with Scissors, we have a monthly challenge.   We get a subject, and can do whatever we like with it.   This month’s subject is teeth, and I decided I needed a tooth necklace.

Do not feel sorry for the creature who lost his teeth, I made the teeth and the beads from polymer clay.

Where I stood, at the junkyard

The door to our ’92 Dodge Caravan (aka the landlordmobile) finally gave out, it rusted through the bottom and the handle quit working.

To the junkyard!  We found an old caravan, the same color, with a good door!  She’s a beauty!

Look what we found in the back seat!  Mark figures there was a beautiful woman  just before we got there, and she just didn’t have time to put on her bra.

This is Mark, putting the new door on our old van.

Mark thinks we need to get the flame stickers off the door, I think this is a sign we should paint more flames on the van.

Well, the stripe color isn’t quite right, but it will do just fine!

When we were all finished, we took the old door to the metal scrapyard.