The good photos

I love these photos from the wedding.

A very elegant cake, with a simple initial.

A wonderful shot of the couple.

The wedding bouquet and the rings.  Who took these beautiful photos?

A very determine Kristi Cooper-Holmes!

Kristi has taken photographs for us.  She is very good, very determine, and she brings her own step stool.

0 thoughts on “The good photos”

  1. Good thing she was up on the stool before she started drinking!!!! lol She has taken our pictures too and I agree with Leann……….. SHE IS THE BEST!

  2. Wow Leann thank you. What a cool page! Nice job to Mark on the pictures of the picture-taker:) I had no idea he was doing that and I’m pretty sure that’s the first time I’ve seen myself shooting:) By the by I did take the heels off and shoot barefoot for most of the park pics….and Pattie what exactly do you mean by “this stage of the game”…is that a nice way of saying “at my age”:) tee hee hee actually I do look like an accident waiting to happen:0

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