Where I stood, honoring my mother

This is where I stood last Sunday, up north, on a dock, checking out the stones.

This Sunday I am off to celebrate mothers.   But before I leave, I want to honor my mother by showing you the crazy quilt she made.   Any creativity I have I got from my mom.   At 53″ square, it’s pretty large for a crazy quilt, and I’m happy to say, it now hangs in my bedroom.

In this section is a portrait of two sisters, me and Jane.   I’m the little one.

This was my dad’s dog, Sparkle.

Dorothy, over the rain bow.

A child on a swing.     There is so much to look at in this quilt that I think I’ll show you a few more pictures of it tomorrow.   It is an amazing work of art!

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  1. So glad I looked at these going through my rss today. I am getting ready put together some projects, and this quilt and some of your other work is so inspiring.

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