Starkweather school

Mark and I were in the right place at the right time and got to tour Starkweather School the other day.   They are closing it down, I suspect they may be putting it up for sale.   I am very hopeful that something good happens to this great school, and someone re-purposes the building without destroying the great details!

These are the tiles in the entryway.

How many schools do you know that have a beautiful tile fireplace?

Amusing animal tiles parade above the firebox.

This is an old, faded drawing of how the school originally looked, before they blocked in part of the windows and tool out the rounded doors.   Starkweather school is a wonderful part of our history, I hope it stays with us.

Painted guitar

The Plymouth Chamber of Commerce is having businesses sponsor painted art guitars for their “Plymouth Rocks” campaign, and the folks at Headfirst Printing sponsored a couple and let me paint one.   What fun!

Right now the guitar is on display at the Chamber of Commerce downtown Plymouth.   Stop by and see it if you can!

The good photos

I love these photos from the wedding.

A very elegant cake, with a simple initial.

A wonderful shot of the couple.

The wedding bouquet and the rings.  Who took these beautiful photos?

A very determine Kristi Cooper-Holmes!

Kristi has taken photographs for us.  She is very good, very determine, and she brings her own step stool.


This past weekend I was lucky enough to get to go to a happening in Detroit, a Night Market.   There was a truck full of fabric that played wonderful deep organ tones (when you hit a hidden sensor with a laser):

This was a wonderful place to wander, with a comfy couch filled with balloons!

There was a life sized juke box in another truck:

These are the coins to make the live band play your song.

These are some of the songs you could select!

Another truck had battling robots.   Unfortunately, murder machine murdered Jane’s Grrr.

Mark took a photo of me and Jane.   We were so surprised when a hideous gargoyle appeared in the photo behind us!

Where I stood, honoring my mother

This is where I stood last Sunday, up north, on a dock, checking out the stones.

This Sunday I am off to celebrate mothers.   But before I leave, I want to honor my mother by showing you the crazy quilt she made.   Any creativity I have I got from my mom.   At 53″ square, it’s pretty large for a crazy quilt, and I’m happy to say, it now hangs in my bedroom.

In this section is a portrait of two sisters, me and Jane.   I’m the little one.

This was my dad’s dog, Sparkle.

Dorothy, over the rain bow.

A child on a swing.     There is so much to look at in this quilt that I think I’ll show you a few more pictures of it tomorrow.   It is an amazing work of art!