Thursday at Took's place

Art night at Took’s was quickly approaching this week, and I was in charge of the project.   What to do?

I remembered a stack of cardboard coasters sitting on one of my shelves.   I decided we needed some play time, so I made them into building blocks.   I cut eight slits in each coaster (two on each edge) and painted them off-white.   I brought them to Took’s with a pile of markers and told everyone to ‘have at.’

Everyone decorated like mad, then we started building with them.   I think they are a marvelous toy, and folks did an awesome job.

Joan decorating her coasters.

Carla building a tower.

Took admiring the construction.

Color and movement everywhere.

We need to build this on a large scale and move in!

What delightful, creative friends I have.

I think we did an amazing job, and more important, we had loads of fun.   Thanks as always, Took, for use of your wonderful space!!

Making tarot cards

Our Artists Trading Cards group is having a tarot swap, and I had three cards I had to make.

I wanted to use three different techniques.

First, I used some foam printing blocks and scratched out this Chariot design and printed it.

Then I drew this High Priestess and copied her and colored her in different ways.

Then I eraser carved the Judgement card.