A bad trip

Right now I should be showing you wonderful photographs of a great trip to North Carolina, in fact, I shouldn’t be showing you them yet because I am suppose to be in Florida for another day or two.

But it is not to be.   Last week Mark and I went down to Charlotte, North Carolina for a radio swap meet, one we do every year.   The meet was Friday and Saturday.   Friday morning Mark moved a radio chassis and did something very, very bad to his back.   He threw it into spasms that got worse through the day, and by Saturday morning there was no getting him out of bed, not even with the help of a couple of wonderful members of the antique radio community.   Mark was in unbearable pain, and the only thing to do was to call 911.

If you ever have to follow a loved one in an ambulance to the hospital, it is a memory seared in your brain.   They got him to the hospital, took him and and he started receiving treatment right away.   Nothing they did helped.   Mark couldn’t sit, couldn’t stand, he could only lie on his back.

After the first course of drugs, we were told there was nothing more they could do and we would have to leave.   I don’t know if it was because Mark cried out in pain every time they tried to sit him up or the fact that I was sitting in the hallway on the floor crying, but they decided to do a second course of drugs.

Those worked.   The spasms stopped.   Mark was still in pain, but he could move.   With help, they got him leaning on a wheelchair and headed for the door.   I got him to the car with no help from the staff.

A lot of this trip I would like to forget.   This is what I’d like to remember, though.   The help I got from the Charlotte Airport Sheraton Hotel was amazing.   The desk clerk that made the call made sure I didn’t have to worry about having a room for an extra night.   When the phone rang in the emergency room, I knew it couldn’t be for me, but it was.   It was the desk clerk checking on us.   The hotel maid hugged me and comforted me when I needed it.   The members of the club offered help and advice, their concern was wonderful, they did everything they could.

Then there was the drive back from the hospital to the hotel.   I hadn’t paid attention to where the ambulance was going, so I was clueless about getting back.   Mark kept dozing off, but with a few wrong turns he managed to get me on course.   I was driving in rain, then sprinkles, then rain, and then the sun came out.   I turned a corner and a huge rainbow filled our windshield, it can’t help but give you hope.

Over the next couple of days we got back home, Mark getting progressively better.   He is still quite sore, but doing very well.   I am very happy to be home, to be with my comforting cats, and to be among my things and my friends.

If you see Mark, remind him how important it is to do back exercises.

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  1. oh my gosh leann!
    i am soooo glad you are both home safe and sound and that mark is recovering.

    you two are the strongest people in the world!


  2. oh how awful for you both – glad you’re back (no pun intended) (well maybe) back spasms are nasty – will Mark be doing therapy ?

  3. So sorry about your “trip from hell”. We have come close to having one of those a few times, but Jeff’s back usually goes out BEFORE we go on vacation. Glad you’re home and Mark is doing better. Please give him our best wishes.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear that mark was/is in so much pain!! I am glad you are home. Give him a hug from me and I hope to see you both soon before I go!

  5. oh my! I’m sooo sorry Mark’s back gave out on him like that 🙁 next year I’ll meet you guys at the meet and help unload the van! 😉 you probably drove right past where I live – but I was in Louisville for a conference – that is a cool town, you guys would like it, 4th largest historical district in the country with the largest collection of victorians in the country – cool neighborhoods! Love, love and stretch and strengthen together – daily 🙂 !!!

  6. Bad enough if this would have happened at home, but to be away…so sorry. Yes, I have followed an ambulance before, you are right! Hope Mark feels better with each day….besides exercising, I have a suggestion, just saying…take it or leave it. Jeff swears that icing the troublesome area of his back (several times a day) really helps too. Ice in a ziplock bag, directly on the back for 15 minutes.

  7. Can’t believe the hospital wanted you to leave after the first unsuccessful course of drugs. Did they forget the “purpose” of a hospital? Glad you are both home!

  8. Oh how simply awful, Leann! (and Mark) Things can really happen at the wrong time. The hotel staff sounded like they were your guardian angels! I can’t believe a hospital would tell you there is nothing they can do…how horrible!
    Tell Mark, after he gets better – if he will do his exercises, I will do mine. That way he will be more motivated – ha ha. Hope he continues to improve.

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