Interesting mix of styles….

I am partial to the rat rods.

One kid made engines and bikes all out of K’nex toys.   Amazing.

A tribute to Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, the Roswell Rod.

Sorry, mom, I wasn’t willing to wait in line to get Chumlee’s autograph!

Another walk in the woods

This has been a remarkable winter.  February is usually the month that all our snow is an ugly grey, matching the pavement and the sky.  February days usually offer no relief from the cold and dull.  This year we have had barely any snow, and temperatures have been warmer than normal, so when we do get some it actually melts.  Today, though cloudy, was a good day for a walk.

Swans out for a swim

A goose out for a stroll

So that’s why the woods smell so good