Where I stood, where I was suppose to be standing, and why I'm a day late

This is where I was suppose to be standing, at a wonderful neighborhood Christmas party.   It is a great gathering every year, and this one had the makings of a stupendous party.   Sadly, my feet were not here.   Thank you, Shelly, for the photo!   Mark needed to get to Chicago to deliver   a piece of audio equipment, so we jumped in the car and made the most of it.

This is where I did stand, looking at the Chicago river,

checking out some appropriate graffiti,

and on all the beautiful floors of the Chicago Cultural Center.

We got back pretty late last night, and I was just too tired to do my Sunday post.

I’ll post more about the Chicago Cultural Center next time.

A very interesting bar art night

I gave each of the victims, I mean artists, a drawing of a chameleon (from Dover books) and instructed them to draw the surroundings.   We worked in that wonderful medium, Crayola crayons.

Carla’s chameleon was thirsty.

Joan’s chameleon was in peril, resting on a bat that is about to meet a ball.

Peggy’s chameleon is hiding in a face.

Took’s chameleon is hanging out in the desert.

I also had Christmas trees that could be decorated.

Joan chose a snake and an apple.

Ellen, who doesn’t look at all demented, thought her tree looked like the teeth of a dinosaur eating Santa Claus.   I think Ellen wins.