More images from Chicago

Reflecting buildings along the river


A patch of sunlight with

pigeons warming themselves.   I love how puffed up they get.

There was a great art show, called Write Now, at the Cultural Center.   At the end of it was this wonderful Mailart/Fluxus piece, lots of interesting stuff.

We saw the steampunk windows of Macy’s, for my money they missed the mark.   I think these old sewing machines and the old lettering are way cooler than anything Macy’s did.

Chicago is a great town, we had a wonderful time!

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  1. oh wow, i had to look up that exhibit. my senior thesis is on text and the various forms it can take while still communicating clearly and effectively….even in the academic disciplines. i’m interested in exploring craft as composition: what can composition learn from craft, and vice versa? so glad this is up through april. i feel a day trip coming on…. 🙂

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