Self portrait

Thursday night was bar art night, where I get together with a few artist friends and we make art and drink.   Or drink and make art.   Anyway, Joan was in charge this time, and she brought old artists’ magazines and had us cut them up and make self portraits.   Everyone said mine looked just like me.   Yeah, but does anybody really want to look like that?

0 thoughts on “Self portrait”

  1. this is amazing! it looks JUST like you!!!!!!!! i’m inspired to have a craft day of self-portraiture. i love this so much.

    also, we got this book from the library -it’s a kid’s book about monsters, but i kind of want to get you a copy because i know you’ll absolutely love it. i can’t stop looking at that collage. great job, leann. i miss your inspiration being just a few steps away. i want in on these bar nights!

  2. also – what did you use? paper? it almost looks like…pastels at some point to color? is it a scan? hope you don’t mind me taking this over to my blog 🙂

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