The renovation continues…

One of the rooms in the project house has very uneven plaster walls, with many patches.   I like the way it looks, so instead of trying to hide it with flat paint, I painted it a terra cotta color and rubbed a glaze over it.   I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

I’ve also been painting a lot of ceilings.

On this ceiling I painted the expulsion from the Garden of Eden.   You can see the grief in Adam’s face.

On this ceiling I painted many cherubs, frolicking among the clouds.

On this ceiling I painted a series of sad clowns.   It is difficult to see the details in all these ceilings, as I painted everything the same color.   Home Depot ceiling white.   And I used a roller.   I don’t know how Michelangelo did it, my neck is cramping.

Where I stood, covered in paint

Ask anyone in my neighborhood, if they’ve seen me recently, I was covered in paint spatters.   Spatters and dabs.   And blotches.   On neat days.   You don’t want to see me on less than neat days.   “The Project” is winding down, and we are painting rooms like mad.   I am a messy person by nature.   I am tired of Mark asking if I got any paint on the walls.   Only once, with a leaky can of yellow paint, did I make what I consider a true mess.   I noticed paint oozing out the bottom of a can, so I picked it up and turned it over for a better look.   It would have worked out well had the lid been on tight.     I think Mark felt bad for me, because the next day he was trying to put the lid on a two gallon can of primer, using his foot.   The lid took off and the foot landed in primer.     You might want to wait until the painting is done and we’ve cleaned the place before you walk into “The Project.”

While doing all this I’ve found some interesting linoleum flooring in closets and under counters, so I stood on it.

The Lansing radio swapmeet

Everyone’s busy looking at radios under the giant tent.

Veritable seas of radios.

Nipper, listening for his master’s voice.

The Causeway Bay hotel gives you nine pillows on each bed.   I guess I could have left my pillow at home.

The upgraded hotel now has a quiet koi pond.

On the way home, dinner at one of my favorite places, The Tuba Museum!