Where I stood, trying to help a cherry tree

Our cherry tree in our front yard is ailing.   I have talked about it’s brown rot before.   We’ve sprayed it with oil, but it is getting worse.

Now the cherries rot before they get a chance to grow.

It has also been infected with leaf curlers.

It is sprouting leaves everywhere like it’s the last gasp.

Now I’ve found peeling bark on the tree.

I’m also finding these little orange bugs that have made their home in the tree.

Does anyone know what to do about any of this?

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  1. Hey Leann!
    You are correct that the sprouts, or epicormic branches, are signs of stress! The curled leaves are most likely from an insect, but not the ladybird beetles (the orange spotted ones in the last photo). Those leaf-curing insects may be the carriers of a particular cherry tree disease, or they may be there because the tree is stressed from disease/nutrient/or water deficiency. I’ll be in town on Friday, perhaps Ben and I could stop by and have a look?

  2. So sad – I have a rot problem with our large apricot tree. My friend, who is a landscaper, mentioned there may be something to put in the soil…I didn’t pursue it… I don’t like putting stuff around in the ground where wildlife is and I didn’t plant the tree. Wish we lived closer, cause I don’t do much with my cherries since moving here and we have tons if you used them.

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