My friends are coming home

My work is still at Art & Ideas in Plymouth until Saturday.   My little voodoo friends will be on display until 6:30 today, and 1 to 7 tomorrow and Saturday.   Then, I bring them home.

Marinette is not the nicest of voodoo lwa.   She is often called Marinette-bwa-cherch, or Marinette of the dry arms.   This can refer to her being a skeleton, but I decided to give her the image of arms, so she would look pretty and be pleased, but not have actual arms so her power would be curtailed.   You see, Marinette is a black sorceress.

Marinette wanders the woods at night, she can be a powerful friend.   Watch your back, though, she can turn on you if she feels she hasn’t gotten her due respect.

Marasa are the sacred twins.   Think of Marasa as spoiled children, never do something for one without doing exactly the same for the other.   Twins are very lucky, but they must be treated equally or they will throw tantrums.   Marasa aren’t members of the lwa, rather they ride between the spirit world and ours.   I like Marasa, because their favors can be bought with candy, as can mine.

I’m looking forward to having Marinette, Marasa, and all my friends back home with me!

The blog is back!

I guess even blogs need a vacation.   I don’t know where it went, but I’m glad it’s back!

This is the first “Where I stood” post I’ve missed in a very long time, get ya next Sunday.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day, I sure did!

I took a few photos of public art in Plymouth to show you.   First, chalk graffiti on a wall near our house:

Then a few blocks away I found a couple of wonderful handmade posters for a found kitty.

Do you not LOVE these posters?!   Great work!

Fixing a porch

We’ve been working on restoring this porch.   We’ve painted the railings, and caulked and painted the posts.   I watch on those home improvement shows on TV they always talk about getting the wood smooth.   I certainly did my share of sanding, but I don’t take a disk sander to the posts, because I like old stuff.   I want this house to look like it’s got a history.   I don’t want it to look like someone put it up yesterday.

These are close-up of one column.   I enjoy the way the old paint shows its shape under the new paint.   It lets you know these posts have been around doing their job for some time.

Now to get inside and start drywalling ceilings.

Where I stood, trying to help a cherry tree

Our cherry tree in our front yard is ailing.   I have talked about it’s brown rot before.   We’ve sprayed it with oil, but it is getting worse.

Now the cherries rot before they get a chance to grow.

It has also been infected with leaf curlers.

It is sprouting leaves everywhere like it’s the last gasp.

Now I’ve found peeling bark on the tree.

I’m also finding these little orange bugs that have made their home in the tree.

Does anyone know what to do about any of this?