Thermofax screens

My friend, Lynn, queen of all things thermofax, has started a “thermofax screen of the month club” on her Etsy site.   You should check it out.   She’s had different artists make designs for different months.   She asked for one of my designs.   I designed “Graffiti Squares”   and it will be available to the club members in September.  

There are six different designs, only available to members of the “Thermofax Screen of the Month” club.   You can learn about it, see the five other designs, and sign up for the club here.   Check it out, there are some great artists designing for Lynn (including Lynn herself!)

Where I stood, trimming a cherry tree

My feet, among the cherry blossoms.

Mark is in the tree.   In our constant battle against cherry brown rot, we are trying to thin out the too big and unruly tree.   The idea is to make sure lots of air can pass through the tree, and the branches aren’t crowding each other.

It’s amazing how much tree you can cut out and still have lots of tree.

The supervisor is not pleased.