Decoration day, small town, USA

Northville has their Memorial Day Parade starting at 10:00.   Ypsilanti and Chelsea at 9:00.   Keego Harbor’s parade starts at 9:30.   Troy’s is at 11:00.   Dexter, Saline, Farmington, Ferndale and Novi all start their parades at 10:00.   Plymouth?   It starts at 8:30.   This year, I finally made it.

There are others that feel the way I do about getting up early, as there is plenty of room   along the parade route to get a seat.   I took most the shots in black and white because days like this feel very Mayberry, RFD.


Flag girls

Cub scouts

The service at the Memorial Park

I have to get the name of their tailor…

Happy Memorial Day.

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  1. Thank you for remembering the reason why we have this day! So many have either forgotten or never known. gail

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