The Rapture, days two and three

Our visit to New York continued on Saturday with a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.   This may be my favorite place to hang out in the entire world.   You travel from room to room, each room having its own feeling and personality.  

We also managed to see the Alexander McQueen show, astounding!

Saturday evening we got to hang out with my friends, Tim and Eva, then Sunday morning we went to the American Folk Museum.   This is a wonderful, small museum tucked next to MoMA, with very bad news.   It lost it’s space and will be closing soon.   I’m very glad we got to see it, especially this quilt, which is phenomenal in person!

All to soon it was time to say good bye to the scary cab rides, the black clothes, the occasional man dressed as a bowling pin, and all that energy and come home.   Good bye, Time, Herald, and all those other squares!   I will miss you!

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