Art X

Yesterday, I went to the Art X celebration in the cultural center of Detroit.   The highlight of the day was seeing the “Street Folk” installation.   Tyree Guyton, the amazing artist behind the Heidelberg Project, placed something like 10,000 shoes all over Edmund Place between John R and Woodward.   It was a wonderful day for walking around all the shoes.

Along the fence there were some stories of some of the shoes.

More hidden treasures!

The work continues on the new house, and we’ve unveiled a couple of things.   First, a beam signing.

Ed Ebert 3 mo 1953

Did it take them three months?   Was it the third month?   What else could mo stand for?

We took down that beam because it was holding up a very crooked paneled ceiling.   Beneath that was all the wonderful lathe work.   Here, our carpenter Rex covers the lathe with drywall.

Then, the best surprise!

There was stenciling at the top of the dining room, dark green on top of light green.   Then the rest of the room was painted dark green.   This, under many layers of wallpaper.

Not anything we can save, but cool, huh?

Asheville, North Carolina

Our last stop, one of my favorite places.   Asheville is a hippie/college/art town, one with great shops, great architecture, and great food.

The art deco S & W cafeteria.

The old Woolworth’s store is an art gallery that still has a great lunch counter.

We always stop by the Grove Park Inn for a drink.

Usually we sit on the porch and watch the sunset, but it was cold and cloudy, so we sat inside, cozy with a fire in the fireplace.

After Asheville, we hit the highway and made our way back home.

Charlotte, North Carolina

We went to Charlotte for the Antique Wireless Swap Meet.

There was lots of radio talk.

Julie sold knobs.

Then we went to Snug Harbor (it only took us 45 minutes to find the place) and saw the Fleshtones.

Remember the Fleshtones?   They still have lots of energy.

Enough energy to leave the stage and play on the bar.   Enough energy to do push-ups.   Enough energy to wear me out.