Happy Earth Day

How else to spend earth day?   We gave a small plot of land over to our neighbor Amy to farm, and we rented her a tiller to get it going.   This is where I learned what a strong and stubborn person Amy can be, she was not going to let that tiller get the best of her!

She did, however, take a break between tilling north and south and re-tilling east and west.

Mark found this behind the garage, if we’d of found it sooner we wouldn’t have had to rent the tiller!

I’m tired, cold and crabby, and I didn’t even do the work!   Out to Zapata’s for fish tacos!

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  1. wow, this is great!
    there’s been so much talk lately about no-till gardens. i’m not a very knowledgable person when it comes to gardening methods, but i think the alternative is a raised bed, because tilling exposes the soil to bacteria and other airborne conditions it has been protected from thanks to its top layer…so if you build a raised bed (enclosed in wood or not) with peat, compost, and top soil, the worms will actually till and aerate the soil themselves!
    either way – yay garden, and i can’t wait to see what comes of it!

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