I made the local paper!

OK, it’s not quite the fame and fortune of my friend Lynn, who seems to be in the middle of a media blitz, but hey, I’m impressed.   There are a couple of articles in Thursday’s Plymouth Observer about all that goes on in Old Village, and it reminds me why I love living here.   We really do have a community, it is very much like living in an old fashioned small town where you know your neighbors and help them out.   There are very dedicated people in this section of Plymouth that put together several celebrations throughout the year, including the Halloween block party on Liberty Street and Bumpers, Bikes and Bands on Starkweather Street.   On May 7th we will have yard sales going on throughout the neighborhood.   I love living in a place full of cool people, cool businesses, and groovy attitudes!   We are the funky side of town!

Happy Earth Day

How else to spend earth day?   We gave a small plot of land over to our neighbor Amy to farm, and we rented her a tiller to get it going.   This is where I learned what a strong and stubborn person Amy can be, she was not going to let that tiller get the best of her!

She did, however, take a break between tilling north and south and re-tilling east and west.

Mark found this behind the garage, if we’d of found it sooner we wouldn’t have had to rent the tiller!

I’m tired, cold and crabby, and I didn’t even do the work!   Out to Zapata’s for fish tacos!