On the way we passed this great wigwam motel.   Unfortunately, it was early so we couldn’t stay there.   One day I’m going to stay in one of these.

I know, it looks a little more like Greece, but it’s Nashville.   They have the Parthenon, built for a centennial exposition in 1897, it is a full scale replica.     It was originally built of plaster, but it’s been re-built in cement and now houses an art collection.

It’s BIG!

On the second floor is a statue of Athena.   No one knows what the original statue of Athena looked like in Greece, so an artist (Alan LaQuire) did his own rendition out of gypsum cement, working from descriptions.   I don’t understand the face of Medusa coming out of her chest, it’s kinda scary.   She is quite formidable, standing nearly 42 feet tall.   In her hand she holds Nike.   Nike is 6′ tall.  

There she stands, gilded in gold, at the ready.

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