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This is a gurnard.   The word gurnard comes from the French, grogner, to groan.     This is because gurnards grunt.   They grunt when taken from water, they grunt while under water.   They grunt.   Jacob, here, points out that that’s a lot more language than most fish.

Jacob is also interesting because of the location of his taste buds.   You see those light antennae right in front of his wing-like fin?   It’s at the end of those that he wears his taste buds.   This way he can find delicious crustaceans that hide beneath the sand.   Jacob can move his two foot long body backwards through the water as quickly as he can frontwards.   He lives off the coast of England, and spends most his time in deep water skimming the sea bed.

Marietta is a red-nosed mouse.   She hates being called a red-nosed mouse, her nose is pink, and being called red-nosed makes her sound like a lush.   Besides, she’s not a mouse at all, she’s more of a vole.   See those wonderful fingers and toes?   Marietta is a fantastic climber, she only comes out of trees to gather insects and seeds for a healthy lunch.   If you are in the jungles of South America and want to see Marietta, remember to look up, and look quick, she’s only 4″ long not counting her long tail, and she will be navigating the trees with grace and speed.

Sheila is a tenrec.   Do not confuse her with a hedgehog.   She is six and three quarter inches long, and hasn’t a tail.   Sheila, like all tenrecs, lives in Madagascar, where she sleeps all day and eats insects at night.   Sheila has a boyfriend, but she is being very careful.   She knows it’s not unusual for tenrecs to have more than 25 babies at once, and she’s not ready for that headache!

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  1. The gurnard kind of seems like a RAY of sorts…the red noser, I think they are coming in my studio right now, the tenrec has her hands full if she has 25 babies at once – how to feed them all?

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