Black and White

I got together with a few friends at the bar last night.   Our challenge was to do some embroidery, only using black and white.  

Janice, working black on white.

Peggy, mixing it up.

Deb’s piece.   Deb got very creative and did some reverse applique.

Janice’s piece, getting perspective on some boxes.

Peggy’s mermaid.

My piece, not much of a surprise, huh?

Reduction printing

Last night at our art group I taught reduction printing.   We printed soft-blocks (aka eraser carving) in which we carve a little of the design, print a color, carve some more on the same block, print a second color, etc.

This is Jane’s first printing.   No one really had any idea how it worked until they started carving, so there wasn’t a lot of forethought in the designs.   I am astounded at the beautiful prints these folks made with no warning and very little coaching.   We used a few different kinds of paper, so everyone got to see how the paper reacts, and how using less ink or not quite lining up the print can give it a different life.   I am extremely proud and delighted with everyone’s results!

Jane’s finished print.

Ingrid’s finished prints.

Norma’s finished prints.

Barb’s finished prints.

Cheryl’s finished prints.

Everyone had so much fun, and everyone got to go home with their beautiful prints!

Northville Art House

A couple of my voodoo boxes have taken up residence at the Northville Art House until the 19th of February.   This is a local show, lots of local art, come by and see it if you get a chance.   They are open Wednesday through Saturday, 1-5pm, and the show opening is Friday (tomorrow), from 6-9.   The Northville Art House is at 215 Cady Street, Northville (of course!)

Good news!!

The groundhog didn’t see his shadow!!   Winter is over!! Yeahhh!!!

I’m ignoring the 8″ of snow outside my door and celebrating the arrival of spring.

The dogs are celebrating, too.

I guess I don’t want to sit on a bench and enjoy the weather just yet..

time to join these folks and start digging out.