Whenever I see two people sitting at a table in a coffee shop with their laptops open I imagine they are playing the old kid’s game, Battleship.     I was reminded of this on my last trip up north,   our friends have the old Battleship game for their boys. The playing boards are two grids that fold for storage, but open like a laptop while playing.   Kids sink plastic “shots” into the grid hoping to hit and eventually sink their opponents battleship.   I was remembering the old ads for the game, with the child shouting “You sank my battleship!”   This is done joyfully, with no thought of what really happens to the warriors who have lost their lives on countless battleships, scrambling to avoid a watery grave.   That’s unfair, though, children have always played war games with abandon, and always will.     Battleship is a game of strategy, and strategy is applicable to much of life, not just war.   The boys playing the game are not pretending to be on the battleships, they are the captains of war, sending their fleet out to victory, or to meet its doom.   Despite all the war imagery, seeing the game made me want to play it.   I think I’ll keep an eye out for an old Battleship game at a garage sale or thrift store, and if it’s cheap enough I’ll buy it.   Then I’ll take one of the plastic game boards, go to the coffee shop, open it up and rearrange all the pegs while I drink coffee.

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