Where I stood, shlepping radio stuff

It has been a busy weekend, and it’s not slowing down.  

We did a radio show in Farmington.

Friday was the day we loaded the van,

set up tables, and unloaded the van.

As always, Mike helped.   This time he tried to upstage me by being a cheesehead.   He’s been living in Wisconsin too long.

On Saturday we sold radio parts, reloaded the van, drove home, and unloaded the van.

Then we drove our friends to Ypsilanti, where we got to watch Aaron play bass in his band “The Bitter Regrets”,

and we celebrated Leslyn’s birthday.

Beware, weirdos look on from outside.

Next, a lunch date with Patrick and Kari, and then an open house at Janice and Marko’s.   Things are not slowing down!

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