Where I stood, shlepping radio stuff

It has been a busy weekend, and it’s not slowing down.  

We did a radio show in Farmington.

Friday was the day we loaded the van,

set up tables, and unloaded the van.

As always, Mike helped.   This time he tried to upstage me by being a cheesehead.   He’s been living in Wisconsin too long.

On Saturday we sold radio parts, reloaded the van, drove home, and unloaded the van.

Then we drove our friends to Ypsilanti, where we got to watch Aaron play bass in his band “The Bitter Regrets”,

and we celebrated Leslyn’s birthday.

Beware, weirdos look on from outside.

Next, a lunch date with Patrick and Kari, and then an open house at Janice and Marko’s.   Things are not slowing down!

Where I stood, freezing my toes off

More often than not, this is how the Plymouth Ice Festival goes for me.   The temperatures dip dangerously low, and the weathermen give lots of warnings about frostbite and such.   I decide that after many years in Plymouth, I’ve seen enough carved ice and I will stay home and warm, even though it’s just a few blocks away.   Then someone, a good friend or family member, calls and says they are in Plymouth and don’t I want to meet them at the festival.   This time it was Julia, and I did go down (she bribed me with a promise of beer) and look at the ice.   Very quickly.   I did manage to snap a few photo’s for proof.

New designs for Lynn

Queen Lynn, the great goddess of all things screen printing, asked me for some designs for her business on etsy.   I came up with these, and I’m proud to say she is so happy with them that she is having a screen giveaway on her blog.   Once you have a Lynn screen and some ink, screen printing is very easy and gives amazing (and fast) results.   Lynn will show you how to do it here.


You’ve got until Sunday, January 23 to let Lynn know which of these describes you best.   Lynn is giving away one screen of each design, good luck!   Head over to her blog and check out the printed designs.   Pretty cool, if I say so myself.