Where I stood, sleeping in….

I am 55 years old, and I was born in 1955.   I shot awake this morning at 5:55.   I would think this was some great omen, but it turns out it was just indigestion.

What could it be, it’s true I was at a party last night, but I didn’t over do it.   It couldn’t be the beer, I only had one bottle.   It couldn’t be the   wine, I only had one glass.   It couldn’t be the spiked eggnog, I only had one cup.   It couldn’t be the Irish creme, I only had one cup.   It couldn’t be the pudding shots, they were so small, and I only had one.   It must have been that maraschino cherry in the apple-tini!

Sketchbook project

I’m working on The Sketchbook Project, a project where you are given a sketchbook, you chose a theme from a list, and you can do what you please.   The sketchbooks will eventually tour and wind up in Brooklyn, New York.   I started working on the sketchbook on my trip to NYC, but I was having trouble with the paper.   I have since rebound the sketchbook with many strange papers, and I’ve included some of the original pages I’ve already finished.   Here is a peek at some of the work I’ve done.   My theme is the lights in the distance, and those lights, for me, are New York City.

So far it is pretty ordinary, pen on paper, but I expect things to get a little weirder pretty soon.

Ezili Freda

Ah, here we go.   The ruler of love, Ezili Freda.   Ezili craves attention, she needs jewels, scented oils, and beautiful handwork.   Give her great attention, she will reward you with good health, good looks, and passion.   Do not ignore Ezili, she is a jealous woman.

Find colorful, beautiful gifts for Ezili Freda.   She is partial to handkerchiefs with handwork on them.

The three gold rings she carries represent her three marriages.   Problems with passion?   This is where to get help.

Danbala and Ayida-Wedo

Danbala and Ayida-Wedo are the mother and father to all humanity.   They were present at the creation of the world.   They are the ones you go to for help restoring family harmony, or in most any matter that requires great knowledge.

Danbala is often portrayed as a large snake.   He has all ancestral knowledge.   Seek his extensive wisdom when contacting relatives who have passed.

Ayida-Wedo is often portrayed as a rainbow.   She is helpful in all matters of fertility.   An egg is a wonderful gift for Ayida-Wedo.

Together, they are symbolized by twin snakes.   They are a wise and good couple, you may feel free to call on them in any time of need.

Where I stood, celebrating Noel Night!

We went downtown Detroit to see all the festivities.   There is so much going on, you can’t catch half of it!

First a stop at the International Institute for international food.   They were giving children balloons, and had them all in the corner of the room looking festive.

Then a quick stop at the Detroit Institute of Arts.   A wonderful setting for a jazz band in front of the Rivera Murals.

We moved over to the Detroit Public Library, someone did a great job lighting the building.

I love this place, so I took most my pictures there.   This is one of the ceilings upstairs.

There are several murals in the library,

and lots of beautiful trim.

My buds, Jan and Leslyn joined us.

We also checked out some local galleries and shops.   One of them had these huge balloons that changed colors!   What a great time!   We also visited the Center for Creative Studies, my Alma matter, where many students were selling wonderful things.   We also saw a great folk singer at the Barnes and Nobel.   We didn’t make it to so many things, though.   Next year!