Easy felt garland

I have seen many kinds of felt garland this year, and I’ve never seen it before this year.   I don’t know if the idea is new, or if, more likely, I live in a cave.   Anyway, I’ve seen everything from carefully punched out perfect circles to misshapen squares and I’ve loved them all.   I decided to try my hand at it with scraps of felt, a sewing machine and a scissors.   Here’s how it turned out:

I made rough multi-colored circles and mossy green squares, I folded the squares diagonally to give them some dimension.   I would have liked to keep the circles a dark red, but I didn’t have any so I used bright red, purpley-blue and white.

I was hoping for a little more of a “holly”: look and less of a “scrap felt sewn together” look, but all in all I’m pretty happy with it!

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