Another voodoo box

Today Lynn, Joan and I took down the show we had up at the Coffee Bean.   The voodoo boxes were sad to leave the coffee shop, but it was time to move on.   It occurs to me that I was in such a hurry to get them done, I didn’t show them all to you.   So, you will be seeing voodoo boxes for a while.  

This is Agwe.   Agwe is a spirit of the water.   He helps fishermen, swimmers, sailors and plumbers.   Call on Agwe when your toilet won’t stop running, unless you are one of our tenants, then please call Mark.

This is a close up with Agwe’s symbol, the sailing ship.

These are gifts to Agwe.

Where I stood, selling my wares

I love the R in parking!

Yesterday was the bazaar, I sold voodoo dolls and such.   Not the biggest success, but a lot of fun!

Chris and Kathy, old friends I haven’t seen in years, stopped by.

At the end of the day Tracy’s daughter helped collect the name tags.

Today I helped Mark hang Old Village banners.

Tony, along with many others, helped, too.

The finished product!

A slice of apple pie and a glass of wine

for breakfast this morning.   How lovely.

Our final count was 11 people for the Thanksgiving day festivities.   I had a wonderful time, which is good because I was also celebrating my birthday.   It was wonderful celebrating with family.   It was wonderful that everyone brought amazing food.   It was particularly wonderful that my mother brings the turkey, stuffing and gravy.   I highly recommend one person host Thanksgiving and another bring the turkey, Thanksgiving is a huge job and dividing really makes things easier.

Many hands do make light work, my sister-in-law washed sooo many dishes, and my sister carved and served.   It is amazing what a second pair of eyes can do in your house.   I was serving coffee but I don’t have a sugar bowl and asked Jane to find something to put the sugar in.   She pulled down my little Japanese tea cup, it worked perfect.   I would have never seen it because I know tea goes there.

With all the help we had a great celebration and today I get to rest.   I will need it, for tomorrow I will be selling voodoo dolls and other things here:

Come by if you can, there will be many wonderful things for sale.   This is a group of amazing, creative artists and you should see what they have to offer!

Happy Thanksgiving

I don’t consider myself a painter, these are just postcards I make to entertain myself and others.   I do like my technique, though.     I noticed when I finished these three that they look rather violent, I think my feelings about a holiday that celebrates the death of a bird might have filtered into my painting.   How could you eat such a fine creature?   Happy Thanksgiving!

A voodoo doll is born

I’m working on my little voodoo dolls.   I cut   shapes out of fabric, stack the pieces right sides together and sew around the edges.   Then the birthing happens, I carefully turn them right-side out.   Maybe not so carefully.   Often I yank, pull, and curse.   Eventually, the little arms and legs appear.     A small artistic creation, with a misshapen half head and a flatness that needs stuffing.   Putting in the stuffing is where they start to talk to me, tell me who they are and what they want to do.   Then I try to add faces and decoration that they like.   Sometimes it takes a couple of tries.   Like, for instance, Esther doesn’t want to be quite that angry or George needs one eye bigger than the other.   It takes a bit to sort all that out.

Are the little creatures art?   I like to think so, but I see art all around.   Back in college, there was a hierarchy of art.   The painters and sculptors looked down on the potters and weavers as crafters, the advertisers and industrial designers felt they had the path to money, the rest of us thought they sold out.   Often the photographers were thought of as artist wanna-bes that couldn’t draw.   Things could get very segregated.

Now everyone is an artist.   It sure beats everyone as a critic.   They told me the real world would be a dark, cruel place after school, but the real world is much more approving.   There is a much larger selection of things to do, and people to do them with.     Freedom to make my own art.   So I make voodoo dolls.

I’m just finishing up this one, pictured.   So far she’s told me she’s a girl, and she is happy with her hair, and very fond of her necklace.   What she hasn’t told me yet is her name.   Any suggestions?


A few of us got together the other evening and made small collages.   Mine is titled “Greed”.   It shows the torture and colorful chains of having too much stuff.   Oh oh, I gotta clean out this house!