New York City

In New York we decided to look at the city from way up high, the top of Rockefeller Center.  The nice thing about the Top of the Rock is you get a great view of the Empire State Building along with everything else.Empire-philco

TOR mural

stone lace

More from the Top of the Rock later.



Ogou is also from my Voodoo shrine series.   Ogou is a warrior, he embodies all things masculine.   Ogou also rules fire.

Ogou close up

Ogou will help you with most any machinery.   He is the one to call when the computer won’t work, the car isn’t starting, or you can’t seem to drive a nail straight into a piece of wood.

Ogou, close up, himself

Papa Legba

papa legba

This is Papa Legba, from my Voodoo Alter series of shrines.   Papa Legba is a very important member of the Voodoo Lwa, he is the gatekeeper.   Anyone who wants to connect with the lwa must go through him.   Papa Legba walks with a crutch because he has a foot in this world and a foot in the afterlife.

papa legba close up

Invoke Papa Legba to protect your home, to help with disputes, and to help you find lost objects.