The play's the thing!

I did tell you we saw Dangerous Liaisons at Stratford this week, but I couldn’t show you pictures.   Well, a lovely gentleman from the Stratford festival named Aaron Kropf commented on my last blogpost and invited me to use some of the professional pictures in my blog if I’d like.   I can’t convey how wonderful it is to sit in the audience and watch Dangerous Liaisons, I hope these photographs give you a bit of the feeling.

As much fun as it was to try on costumes, it is always more fun to watch the actors make the costumes come alive.   Dangerous Liaisons is a bawdy play that takes place before the French Revolution.   It is a sort of sexual chess game, an absolute delight!


Tom McCamus as Le Vicomte de Valmont and Sara Topham as La Presidente du Tourvel

Photo by:   David Hou

Seana McKenna asLa Marquise de Merteul and Tom McCamus as Le Vicomte de Valmont

Photo by:   David Hou


Foreground Yanna McIntosh   at Mme de Volanges (left), Seana McKenna as La Marquise de Merteuil (center)   and Martha Henry as Mme de Rosemonde (right) with members of the company

photo by :   David Hou

Never turn down a chance to see a play at Stratford!

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  1. This whole blog thing is amazing. Obviously the people at Stratford seach for references to their performances, etc. Really neat (I know 50″s talk) that he provided you with the photos which really add to your previous posting

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