I'm for sale!

OK, I actually mean some of my designs are for sale.   Let me first re-introduce you to my amazing friend Lynn.   Lynn is a phenomenal fiber and collage artist.   She is starting a small business, in thermofax screens.   What is a thermofax screen, you ask?   Well, it is some magic that puts a black and white image onto a silkscreen so you can print that image over and over again.   Lynn is selling her own designs, as well as some other artists’ designs.

One of the things I’ve been doing recently is trying to come up with designs for Lynn.   These are the ones I’ve come up with that Lynn is offering in her amazing Etsy shop.   These images are swiped from the shop, click on Etsy and it will take you there.

skelly fish

skelly fishskully flowers

skully flowerstwo skeletons

skelly duopile 'o' skullies


Lynn will also put your design on a thermofax screen, and sell you the ink to print it.   She has videos showing how to use the screens.   Thank you Lynn, I’m honored to be a part of your store.

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