Lucky old sun

Last time Mark and I were in North Carolina, we bought a big metal face to hang on the peak of our front porch.   The other day, Mark decided it was time to get the face up there.

I thought we would just hang it, but Mark had a vision.   He saw red and orange behind the face, and asked me to paint it.   Try as I might, I could not see his vision.

painting the peak

So Mark started painting.   When he first started with the red, I wasn’t at all worried, because I knew it would be easy for me to paint over it.   Then he continued with the yellow, and I started to see what he meant.

adding orange

Once Mark added the orange, I thought maybe this would work.

testing the sun

Then Mark held the face in place, and I knew he’d done the right thing.


Here she is, all finished and waiting to greet you.


I’m very happy with our big face.

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