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The linsang has big black eyes, and hunts like a snake.   This lithe little carnivore is related to mongooses (mongeese?) and civets.   Jeremy is a spotted linsang, as opposed to a banded linsang.   Jeremy likes frogs and lizards and eggs.   He runs very fast and very low, with his belly nearly touching the ground.   Like many of my friends, Jeremy sleeps all day and prowls all night.

fallow deer

Fallow deer live in the forests of southern Europe, and are rarely seen.   They are gentle creatures who enjoy being petted, and they are vegetarians.   Franz, like all his relatives, is a very social creature.   It is quite a sight to see this gentle creature in the wild.   Franz will shed his antlers in the spring, but the new ones will grow even bigger!   Like all fallow deer, Franz has no idea how pretty he is!


You’ve met Katrina’s relatives, surely, for Katrina is a mosquito.   There are thousands of different kinds of mosquitoes.   You are familiar with their bite, those are females feeding on your blood.   She is piercing your skin with a set of sharp, slender stylets.   It might help you to know that Katrina’s life expectancy is only three to five days, so if you were to slap her, you aren’t shortening her lifespan by much.   Still, her opinion is a little different.   She’s just trying to procreate.

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  1. Lately, Katrina and I don’t get along…dragonflies are on the scene now and there can’t be too many of them! Drat those mosquitoes! They especially like the backs of my knees!

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