Group art

Our artist trading card group met this week.   I just wanted to write a little about this group, they are some amazing women.   We started meeting to exchange trading cards, but we do many things that involve paper.   Our latest was a page exchange for a circus book, and I can’t get over how creative these pages are.   barb

Barb made pages that move, a lion tamer putting his head in the lion’s mouth, and a cat that turns into a lion.


Ingrid’s tight rope walker with umbrellas can be seen here.


Jane’s clown face poster for an imaginary troupe of IT workers that started the cirque du bouffons is, well, extremely   imaginative.


Lynn’s creepy clowns (What?   You’re not surprised she made creepy clowns?) can be seen on her blog here.

norma, cheryl

Norma did a lovely fortune teller, Madam Zia, and Cheryl gave us a sweet, vintage circus girl with bells.

After the exchange, we made spontaneous trading cards.   It nurtures our creativity to make things on the spot out whatever we have available, not to mention we have a lot of fun!

The Orphan Car no-Show

The orphan car show was yesterday, or would have been had it happened.   The grounds were flooded and the show was canceled.   Three cars showed up anyway.   sign

They had the sign up, but the river was too high for the show.


Normally, this field would have been full of cars.

orphan car show, 3 cars

These are the three that showed up.

Some of the cars came anyway, but couldn’t get to the fairground, they gathered at the old Hudson Dealership in Ypsilanti, so we did get to check out a few old cars.

hudson sign

The Hudson Dealership sign.

hood ornament

One sexy hood ornament.


Fortunately, the only hornets we encountered were friendly.


A couple of hitchhikers.


Mark calls the Pacer the perfect car for growing pot.

Where I stood, feeding the furry…


My morning ritual, keeping the cats fed.   Harmony is hungry this morning,


Rhythm is finicky.

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