A fine day out

ric and mark

Our friend Ric was in town yesterday, and he expressed an interest in going downtown.


What to do?   He’s already seen a lot of what we have to offer over the years, but he hadn’t seen Hitsville, U.S.A.   We took an amazing tour, and learned a lot.   Berry Gordy started Motown with $800 borrowed from his parents.   It wasn’t really borrowed from his parents, all 8 of the children worked, and $10 a week from each child’s wages went into a fund for anyone to borrow who had a great idea.   Berry asked for $1000, but the family felt his idea was worth $800, so that’s what he used to start the Motown empire.   He paid the family back within a year at 6% interest.   I’d been to the museum before, but it still amazes me to think all that went through that little white house on Grand Boulevard.

woodbridge pub

Then a bite at the Woodbridge Pub, lovely food and atmosphere.     I had a wonderful lentil salad, and a Stroh’s in memory of my father.

blue bunnies

I’ve always had a soft spot for blue bunnies.train station

We showed Ric our dilapidated train station.


Beep , indeed.


Then we headed for Ann Arbor to see Funktion at the Top of the Park.


We checked out a couple of Ann Arbor historical buildings, a little more intact than the Detroit buildings.

greek revival

A lovely day.   Back to work.

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  1. A lovely day Thanks for the trip. A chance to stand in the footsteps of Les bros. funk! It is wonderful to see bits of regeneration (pub) which will inevitably attract more good things around. What an amazing city Detroit is!
    Isn’t it Berry not Barry? I guess it depends which storey you take.
    Thanks for the tour guys, a great day

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