Where I stood, working and playing


Party shoes meet work shoes.mark makes a garden

Mark and I rototilled a space behind one of our houses to make a community garden for the tenants.     A garage and workshop used to stand in this space, so there was lots of rubble under the ground.   Even after running the rototiller, I couldn’t put a shovel in the earth without hitting rock.

rubble 1

This is the pile of bricks and rubble pulled out of the garden.

garden 1

And this is the garden.   I put in a few plants, but to my delight the residents immediately planted the rest.

garden 2

It will be a happy garden.   That was the work, Wednesday night was play, we saw Shemekia Copeland at the ark.   What a great show for blues lovers, Shemekia’s voice is amazing and she’s got a great band.   Last night we watched a lot of local bands take the stage at the Power Center in tribute to the Beatles.   It was part of Summerfest in Ann Arbor, a great night.   Lots of work, lots of play.   Maybe I’ll go back to bed now.

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  1. community gardens are awesome
    what a great thing you are doing!
    i already have had three pickings of lettuce from my little garden and the sugar snap peas never quite make it from the picking to the kitchen haha

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