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This is a macaw, one of the largest of the parrot family.   These are majestic South American birds, nesting in dead palm trees, flying over the forests, and shrieking above the trees.   Unfortunately for this particular macaw, her father lost a bet to his brother while she was still an egg.   Because of the bet, he had to name his first daughter Polly.   Polly had convinced most her friends to call her Paula, but every time she sees her uncle he still says “Polly wanna cracker” to her.     She does her best to stay away from Uncle Egbert.

elephant seal

Meet Sherman the elephant seal.   Sherman’s nose is large for a reason.   He can inflate his nose to make his mating roar louder.   Sherman loves roaring.   He is over 6000 pounds, can hold his breath for twelve minutes, and he can dive 600 feet.

marbled newt

Jackson is a marbled newt.   He winters in the water, but summers in the wetland vegetation.   He is six inches long, which seems small, but in reality he is bigger than all the other European newts.   Jackson is often mistaken for a salamander, do not make that mistake.   It upsets him horribly.

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